Air Pressure Testing – Air leakage testing – Air tightness testing

Pressure Testing service for compliance with Building Regulations in England and Wales  ( L1A /L2A ).
We  test

  • Domestic premises ( houses and flats)
  • Small commercial premises
  • We cover SE of England.

We provide

  • Competitive pricing and quotes
  • Certificates on site
  • smoke testing and thermal imaging to find leaks

We are members of the new IATS scheme –  fully regulated  and authorized to conduct tests for building control.

For a quote or a chat or free advice call  Martin Gill 01634 799115 or  07990556701 – anytime. or email me

We offer a free advice helpline to our experts and a re-tests at reduced prices – all to ensure that you pass with a minimum of fuss. Our aim is to offer you a quality service and provide you with the best results. We will discuss your requirements and determine the best course of action – saving you money and ensuring you always have the best service. We will do everything that we can to get you a pass. Those who tend to fail are those who did not seek advice  – or builders who  left it too late and missed  leakage paths that are  difficult to fix later.  Those builders who always pass are those who are familiar with air leakage , who we have worked with before and who know what they can  can achieve and know how to seal a dwelling  . Call 01634 799115 for free advice or a quotation Early intervention ensures good results  –  don’t leave it too late, our advice is free.  For  free advice and a hot quote call 01634 799115

Air Pressure Testing   –     Air leakage testing –  Air tightness testing

We operate from our base in Kent throughout South East England, the Midlands and beyond.  We cover the whole of Kent, Essex, Sussex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, London, Surrey, Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and parts of East Anglia. The requirement to test a new dwelling on completion for air leakage is referred to by various names, all of which mean the same thing:

  • Air tightness testing
  • Air leakage testing
  • Air pressure testing
  • Air permeability testing

We use the various descriptions throughout this website. We  have special prices for multiple tests and certain locations so it is always worth phoning for the best deal.

Air pressure testing services

As well as our  domestic air pressure testing service for compliance with Building Regulation L1A, we can provide:

  • Training sessions-  how to prevent air leakage.
  • Auditing of plans and processes to recognize and eliminate potential air leakage paths
  • Site visits and pre-completion testing – a package of measures to ensure that you stay on track ensure that the final test result is a PASS.

We  offer a range of testing and auditing services throughout the building process that will enable the dwelling once completed to pass the air leakage test. With regulations getting ever tighter, air leakage targets are being set ever lower. Early planning preparation and checking are the best route to success  – avoiding the need for expensive remedial action later that will delay and add cost to the build. Sadly, we experience projects that  recognise the problem too late and are unaware of the leakage paths that become embedded into the dwelling fabric. Its not rocket science but it does require expertise, planning  checking and testing  to accomplish a low leakage dwelling. So act now to avoid problems later. Give us a bell and get free expert advice. We are fully accredited and acceptable to Building Control. We take the pressure – so you pass. Telephone 01634 799115 for expert free advice or a quotation.

We are members of the IATS

IATS, the Independent Airtightness Testing Scheme, is approved by the DCLG as a competent person scheme for air tightness testing in the UK.  Certificates, issued through the IATS scheme, can be accepted by building control as evidence that tests meet the requirements of UK building regulations.

Questions commonly asked by our customers

Q: How much do you charge for air leakage testing? A: We constantly review our prices and try to keep them as low as possible your quote is individually tailored to your circumstances according to the type of construction, the number of tests you require, the date and location. Flats are cheaper than houses,tests on several dwellings cost less than individual ones… All our prices include a BINDT approved test and a certificate.
Q: I am building several dwellings  or a block of flats do they all need testing? A :  This depends upon the development and the rules are different under the latest 2010  / 2014 regulations compared to the previous 20o6 regulations. We are able to advise you and devise a test plan Under the latest regulations a penalty of 2 points is  applied to the test result if it applied by the SAP assessor –   to a dwelling of the same “type” that is not physically tested  – this means in practice that unless all the units are tested then the target is lowered by 2 points which is much harder to achieve  – the best strategy is often to test all the units  – with a discount for multiple tests may not cost much extra.
Q : What happens if the dwelling fails an air pressure  test? A: Many dwellings pass first time but sometimes they initailly fail.  We will always try to locate the sources of leakage and offer remedial advice and usually a written report. If the problem can be fixed instantly then we will usually  wait and re-test – at the tester’s discretion, provided he is still on the premises. Otherwise we offer our re-test guarantee packages. see below. We also able to test with smoke pencils for a small fee.
Q: How long does an airtightness test take? A: From 1 to 3 hours depending upon the complexity of the buildings – sometimes we are required to do some calculations first.
Q: Will we know whether we have passed or failed at the time of testing? A: Yes – normally as soon as their leakage test has been completed we are able to advise of the result.
Q: How many air leakage tests can you perform in a day? A: We can perform several tests per day at the same site the exact number depends upon the complexitiy of the dwellings.
Q: How long will it take to receive our test certificate(s)? A: Test certificates can be normally be supplied on the spot or posted next day.
Q: Do you test commercial premises? A: YES
Q:What is the target? A: This is the value that you are testing to you – you must acheive a test result lower than this in order to pass. This set by your SAP assessor and forms part of the SAP calculations for energy loss at the design stage. The higher the leakage value set – the more heat is lost and so it becomes harder to pass the building regulations. Normally the highest target that is set is 10 – however if the SAP assessor has to make savings to make the dwelling pass then the value may be be lower. It is unusual to see a target below  about 4 because this is difficult to achieve in practice using conventional building techniques. The lower the target the more carefully you must build.  However as the regulations are getting tighter, lower targets are becoming more common. We require the value of your design air permeability  ( the target) from your SAP calculation.  If you are not sure how to find this- then give us a bell .
Q: I have not done a SAP calculation – can you recommend someone. A: We are also SAP assessors. We can provide SAP calculations and Energy Performance Certificates or simply help you to understand the SAP calculation in relation to the air pressure test target.
Q: When is the best time to consider the air leakage and ask for advice? A: Right now! – the earlier the better. It is best practice to consider air leakage at the design stage along with the thermal insulation. The next important phase is the second fix when service pipes and holes are being made -and can be sealed up again – before they are boxed in.
Q: I am constructing a room in the roof with cupboards – can this be a problem area? A: Yes – this is a common cause of failure – phone for advice now on how to avoid this problem.
Q: I am starting the second fix  – what areas should I pay attention to? A:  Before the second fix is the best time to seal up problem  leakage paths. Once expensive fittings etc have been installed it becomes much harder to identify and seal leaks and it may become impossible to reach the target. We recommend that you contact us at this stage so that we can advise you and work out the best strategy to ensure sucess  – we want you to pass  -this is the best time to identify and fix leaks  – so give us a call  and we will provide you with free advice and a competitive quote.
Q: I am converting an existing building into several flats do I need to air test? If this is being assessed under L1B (Conservation of fuel and power – changes to existing dwellings) then a test is not normally required – the same applies to house extensions. Q: Can other people be working in the building during the test? A: People can work whilst the equipment is being set up but we ask that workmen leave the building for the half hour or so whilst the   formal air pressure test is taking place.
Q: Does the test cause any damage or is it harmful? A: No, not at all. The pressure used is very small and is hardly detectable and causes no damage to the building structure or health. It is equivalent to opening a door on a drafty day.
Q: What areas do you cover? A: We provide air pressure tests in the following counties, Kent, Essex, London, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire Hertfordshire, Leicestershire, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire,  East Suffolk, Medway, London, Birmingham. If you require several tests then we are able to travel further afield – even to a Leek in Staffordshire!
Q: What about sound  / acoustic testing can you provide that also? We we sometimes work with acoustic testers so I am sure we could recommend someone right for you!

Q: What if the answer to my question is not on this page? Phone 01634 799115 for free expert advice. We take the pressure – so you pass! Don’t leave it to late  – plan for the air test now!